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Experience The Thrill of Hunting

  • Guest Day Hunts

    • 3 Pheasant for $195

    • 5 Chukar for $195

  • Super Hunt

    • 3 Pheasant & 3 Chukar for $245

  • Buddy Hunt (2-Person Hunt)

    • 4 Pheasant & 4 Chukar for $495

  • Individual, Family, or corporate bird cards (see our membership page!)

  • Bird cleaning, $4 Pheasant, $3 Chukar

  • *Using the fields requires purchasing a hunt

  • *See our Membership page to see more benefits of joining the club!

The most satisfying thing about pheasant hunting is seeing your hunting dog with a bird in his/her mouth coming towards you. And everyone who has hunted at least once alongside a hunting dog knows that upbeat feeling.

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